And so it starts

by Common Hands

The greenhouse feels like it is ready to burst.  everywhere you look, our young seedlings are growing lush and strong.  Eric built shelving tiers for plants at different stages of their germination, and down below underneath it all, the apprentices have inoculated dozens of mushroom logs with oyster mushrooms to add to our fleet of shitakes which we have been fruiting by soaking them in water for a couple of days to simulate long warm summer rain.  Hopefully our newest batch is a success.  We’ll let you know.  


This new team of apprentices this year is amazing!  we are so lucky to have Andrea and Caroline with us from Saratoga and San francisco and Eric is back from New Orleans where he has been dreaming up big brass band visions for our farm stand and pizza night.  we started rehearsing in a Hudson basement, and the neighbors ran out of their house yelling “I CANT HEAR MY TV”   we tested the other neighbor on the other side of the house with more success, however rehearsals may have to take place at the farm when the weather gets warmer and the band gets bigger than just Eric and myself.   The farm house on prospect street is beginning to really fill up and feel like a home.  We were joined last night by our first Wwoofer of the year Seamus who hails from Poughkeepsie.  see the prior entry for a link to his blog.  And our friend abby is moving in to one of the downstairs rooms for a couple of months.


Now we just keep our hands busy preparing things for the real launch of the season.  And we wait… For the sun to come out and the life of the soil to become awake in the easter sun.


Our first starts are ready to go out under a light cloth row cover in the next couple of days as the soil warms up and the dampness leaves the soil.  From here there is no turning back.  We wait with knowing anticiption as everything that has to, falls into place.  We are just vessels for what is to come.


All around the land, signs of spring are showing up, and it is beautiful to watch.  Songbirds are back in the trees by the side of the garden, and the hawks circle the neighboring fields hunting for the spring mice who venture out in search of the first new foods.  The family of muskrats that lives by the creek sometimes even venture up to the farm parcel.


Still our task right now is first and foremost to raise money to continue on this beautiful land this year.  So please dont mind our incessant emails and facebook posts its because we really love what we do and hopefully with your support we can keep doing it.  To do so we need to show  as a community that this new source of fresh biodynamic food is truly wanted and needed to strengthen our regional food economy.  If you havent ever joined a CSA before you should consider joining this one and helping us grow.  This year you will taste some of the most amazing and peculiar new things as well as a guarantee that you can always pick out your favorites when you want to!  and when it comes to your health you are doing yourself a huge favor, when it comes to the health of the community and our fledgeling farm you are doing us and your community a huge favor.  Its a win win.  Not to mention there is nothing better than the food adventures you will have at our farm stands, in your kitchens, and maybe we will even get a chance to eat this beautiful food together sometime.